Pelo Hairdressing is proud to announce a range of completely unique products for several variations of hair loss. We offer solutions to people suffering from pattern baldness, hair loss from chemotherapy, extremely thinning top for ladies and typical types of baldness for men. Some of the more common issues we can provide a solution for are, as follows:

Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair can be a slow process, which is why most don’t notice their hair is falling out. However, when larger amounts of hair falling out occurs, this is known as Shedding Hair. Regardless of either hair loss problem, Pelo Hairdressing has the solution!


Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder where hair follicles are attacked by the immune system, resulting in hair loss. Alopecia acts as the umbrella term for various types of hair loss. Luckily, Pelo Hairdressing stock specially designed products for those suffering from Alopecia!

Pattern Baldness

Pattern hair loss, known as male-pattern hair loss (MPHL) when it affects males and female-pattern hair loss (FPHL) when it affects females, is hair loss that primarily affects the top and front of the scalp. In males, the hair loss often presents as a receding hairline while in females it typically presents as a thinning of the hair. Luckily, Pelo Hairdressing stock specially designed products for those suffering from Pattern baldness!

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Extra Services

We offer a tailor made service for all of our clients who require wigs. In our private wig room we will talk clients through their specific needs. The different types of caps, the different types of hair. Clients may be entitle to a HSC grant. We pride ourself in our wigs looking exactly the same as the natural hair. In fact you would often be in our salons and not know the difference between a client wearing a wig or with natural hair. We also offer a service in our salons where you can drop your wig in or come in with your wig and have a wash and blow-dry.
Wigs for Children. We do facilitate this service and are linked up with a number of charities. Please talk to one of our stylists. Pics to follow.
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Affordable hair solutions for Alopecia and thinning hair is now here.


Unique handmade hair piece for people suffering from bald spot.

• Hand-tied hair piece
• 100% REMY Human Hair
• We custom mould this piece to cover 1cm-5cm spots
• €350-650 for t-partings


You can now sweat, swim, shower as normal.

No one will ever be able to tell as pieces are so flat to the head.

• Hairpiece for covering hair loss.
• Cover receding hairline or a bald spot.
• Add volume or length to existing hair.
• Has the ability to be styled freely.
• No irritation to the hair and scalp.
• Customized to the desired shape.
• Can be applied on by using tape or a clip-on.
• No cut restrictions
• For all ages and genders
• 100% Premium REMY human hair (aligned root-ends) for an optimal natural look
• Comes in all colours and lengths



At Pelo we also provide tailor made wigs. We recommend you come into salon prior to chemo and we will make sure your wig is ready to go for when you begin treatment. We cut colour and shape our wigs to tailor their needs we also offer hairloss solutions for homecare for stress related, hormonal, post pregnacy hair loss free scalp camera so you can get an indepth look at what exactly is going on and recommend

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